WOW Specs

We’ve over spec’d all our servers to ensure stability during high volume network activity and block production. We’ve spared no expense to house all our servers in a state of the art data centre securely running with a reliable round the clock high speed internet connection that’s being professionally monitored and tweaked to optimise performance. Running servers from a data centre not only ensures a best in class service it also has the added advantage of protecting against outages during natural disasters such as floods and storms and in times of political or social unrest. Once you choose to stake with us you can relax knowing you’re ADA is working hard to produce blocks with no disruption or downtime. Along with a lowest fee guarantee the high tech specifications of the WOW staking platform are custom designed for Cardano Investors to maximise their rewards and ROI.

WOW Pool i-D

As pools have been known to be ‘spoofed’ it’s wise to check the pool i-D before staking long term to ensure you’re not delegating to a ‘fake’ or ‘spoofed’ pool. Fake pools can seriously reduce your rewards and are set up with identical ticker names to steal traffic from established more reliable pools and trick you into paying higher fees on inferior and less reliable servers. Our pool i-D can be double checked by clicking on the pool name in your wallet to bring up the pool info panel. For peace of mind be sure to double check that our pool iD corresponds to the pool you’re delegating to:


WOW Server Specs

Duel core

Core stakepool server runs on a dedicated 10gb duel core solid state server with multiple relays also running on 10gb duel core servers.

WOW Pool Staking Pledge

3,000,000 ADA

Guaranteed by Cardano Investors Group [Facebook]. 3 Million minimum pool stake verified at

WOW Pool Pledge

50,000 ADA

Stakepool Owner’s Pledge

WOW % Per Epoch (margin)


You receive 99% of all your rewards

WOW Fee Per Epoch

340 ADA

Our pool is set to the lowest fee possible. Before staking compare other pools – you won’t find lower!

WOW Ticker Name