Due diligence – The 16 reasons to stake with WOW



Nobody can beat WOW’s pool fees • We set the lowest possible fee parameter. We guarantee that you won’t find a stakepool with a lower fee setting.


Only 1% of your rewards are paid to the WOW stakepool • You keep 99% of all your rewards generated by the pool. Do due diligence and make sure you compare other pool’s percentage’s before delegating – at WOW with the lowest possible fees, and the pool margin percentage set to just 1%, we’re confident you’ll come back to stake and grow with us.


We’ve over spec’d all our servers to ensure stability and reliability during high volume network activity and block production • Our pool is built on a super fast Duel Core Solid State server platform with multiple relays to optimise your block rewards. We’ve spared no expense to house all our servers in a state of the art data centre securely running with round the clock high speed internet connection. Along with a lowest fee guarantee the high tech specifications of the WOW staking platform are custom designed for Cardano Investors to maximise their rewards and ROI.


Our target is 100% server up-time Our team works 24-7 to optimise the tech under the hood to ensure you benefit from maximum block production. Our servers are professionally monitored and fine tuned to optimise performance and run remotely from a secure data centre. This not only ensures a best in class service it also has the added advantage of protecting against outages during natural disasters such as floods and storms and in times of political or social unrest. Once you choose to stake with us you can relax knowing you’re ADA is working hard to produce blocks with no disruption or downtime.


The dedicated WOW team does all the work for you updating and tweaking around the clock to increase the pool’s reward potential. We work so you can chillax and put your feet up – while WOW chugs away building your ADA nest egg.


From the offset our group of investors are pledging 3,000,000 ADA as a minimum pool stake on every epoch to ensure your delegation choice is not wasted and to guarantee solid block production.This pledge increases pool stability and reliability. 1,000,000 is widely regarded as the benchmark for pool confidence and we begin every epoch with three times the goal of most pool operators. We’ve invested the equivalent of $500,000 in ADA as a bed rock for the WOW pool so stick with us and leave your ADA investment compounding with every epoch. The WOW pool brings together astute investors. By pooling our ADA and attracting other like minded investors we grow and benefit from the strength of the collective. Our pool is designed to be a positive feedback loop and our guarantee to supply 3,000,000 ADA to the pool at all times gives us a strong base to attract new investors. As more investors are drawn to the pool we collectively benefit as the positive loop strengthens and we produce more blocks. Our 3,00,000 ADA staking pledge can be verified at www.pooltool.io. Our staking pledge delegator address is: 1e0b4fd422b1ade7536896a424486b1bec790a08ac291d8340f36c71


Wow pool are innovators. We’re the first pool to implement an ‘Anti-Saturation Flexible Staking Fund’. Sounds complex but this is our simple solution to saturation. As saturation approaches we move our 3,000,000 ADA staking pledge to a newly created pool and we invite WOW pool members to migrate to the new pool through email alerts and our two social media channels. Having a flexible fund that is guaranteed but not locked in the pool pledge gives WOW an edge and has two benefits.

1. It helps control saturation by de-saturating the core pool as and when saturation approaches – giving time to send saturation alerts to our stakers

2. It seeds the newly created pool with sufficient funds to immediately begin minting blocks for stakers migrating their ADA to the new WOW pool

As we use fast online data centres our tech team can get a new WOW pool up and running within a few hours without having to wait for new servers or new hardware to arrive. Most pools have their funds tied up in their pledge which cannot be moved without disrupting the pool’s ability to mint blocks. Furthermore, as the price of ADA goes up it will become increasingly difficult for Stakepool operators to guarantee large pool pledges unless like us they have a ‘flexible fund’ ready to be immediately redeployed. Our business model is slightly different to the pools with high pledges but we believe our foresight will benefit investors in the long run by reducing the risk of saturation and ensuring there’s no disruption to staking and reward minting as we expand our pool base and grow as a collective.


Like you, our team are passionate ADA investors • Our vision is to use the Cardano platform to build creative ADA related products and services that will help the eco-system grow so delegating with us is a win for you, a win for us and win for the future of Cardano.


The 1% we receive in pool rewards are re-invested back in to the ADA eco-system and we’re planning a series of visionary, ground breaking creative projects to compliment Cardano and the ethos of the Cardano brand.


You benefit from our long term goals and bullish projection that Cardano is going to the moon • This projection allows us to build our business model with long term goals in mind rather than short term gains which means from the first epoch you stake with us you maximise your return while we gain your confidence that the WOW pool is your long term choice for staking. Unlike other pools we’re not interested in squeezing a larger percentage from our stakers – our mission is to build valuable investment partnerships that we all collectively benefit from.


Do the Maths: On A typical stake of 100,000 ADA, 1% a year is equivalent to 1000 ADA… When ADA reaches $1, compared to a stakepool that charges you 2%, you’ll be making an extra $1000 a year by staking with us. Over ten years that’s a saving of $10,000 – so EVERY single ADA you can save and re-invest counts. Compared to a pool that charges say 5% you’ll be saving $4,000 per year and $40,000 every ten years. If ADA reaches $10 you’ll be making $400,000 extra through staking with us. For whales with a 1 million ADA portfolio that’s a cool $4,000,000+ saving if you stake with WOW for 10 years – and here at WOW we have a high level of confidence that ADA could eventually be paying these returns. And it gets even better as your staking rewards are compounding every epoch [every 5 days] so in reality it’s even more profit than we’ve illustrated here and more ada to add to your ADA position. You can see by these savings why 1% staking is the choice for astute Cardano investors.


With such low fees and high server performance you can relax knowing you are consistently getting the very best staking rewards • No need to anxiously check in – sign up for our email alert service [see top menu] and we’ll message you as we approach saturation so you can bounce over to a newly created WOW high-performance pool. Our bespoke alert service builds an additional layer of confidence in to the WOW staking platform. We’ve also set up a ‘Cardano Investors’ facebook group and a twitter handle @CardanoWow [see links below] to provide you with two extra channels for updates so you never miss an alert.


Like you, we love ADA and the Cardano eco-system and our pool has been lovingly crafted to ensure you benefit from the best possible ROI.


The fee structure for the pool is designed by investor’s for investor’s with the primary goal to maximise investment • As investor’s like you, WOW has been specifically built to fulfil a critical 3-point check list for finding a pool that maximises our Cardano investment. We’ve therefore built the pool with three key questions in mind:

1. Is the WOW pool the pool we’d choose to delegate to and entrust with our own ADA long term? 

We understand how important this first question is when initially seeking a pool. We also understand the simple formula that will make serious investors delegate to us long term which brings us to questions 2 & 3 in the checklist: 

2. Is this pool offering the best value for money fee structure? 

3. Are their server’s reliable to give us a consistent ‘best in class’ uninterrupted high yield return? 

The answer to all three questions is YES, YES and YES


As the ADA eco system grows we’ll be looking to provide complimentary services that will make your ADA pot grow even furtherIf you’ve got this far we know you’re an investor who does their due diligence and we’re excited to have you on board as Cardano evolves and we roll out new high-reward high-yield investment products and opportunities.


After doing your due diligence it’s a no brainer – so stick with us, grow with us and delegate to the WOW pool to begin maximising your Cardano investment. And remember – after staking with our pool you can relax by your pool.

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